Lab Design Planning&Consultation
Much more than just a supplier of laboratory furniture, Betalab also provides laboratory design planning and consultant services. Through our professional consultation and inquiry services and expertise in technology, Betalab creates a safe laboratory environment, produces flexible and versatile products, and offers state-of-the-art one stop solutions by completing the preliminary and detailed designs for labs in cooperation with multiple management companies...
Lab Furniture
With a classical and trendy fashionable design philosophy, diversified furniture product range and excellent customization capabilities, Betalab designs and manufactures all of its products in accordance with the international quality standards, meeting the technical requirements for work in laboratories and providing customers with perfect lab furnishing solutions that are stable, flexible and well-designed.
Ventilation System
A building environment control technology that controls the spread of and damage from air pollutants by displacement, dilution or removal through ventilation to achieve indoor and outdoor air environmental quality assurance for labs. The ventilation system is a complete set of devices that provides ventilation, including air inlets, exhaust vents, air ducts, fans, cooling and heating, filters, control systems and other ancillary equipment.
Betalab designs and builds cleanroom systems based on customer needs. Through extensive communication with the users, design companies, construction companies and general contractors, it provides customers with the most optimized cleanroom solutions. We have an accurate grasp of the needs of our customers.
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